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We Buy Houses In Mobile & Surrounding Areas

Sell your house in Mobile to us and pay no agent fees, no repairs, 100% free. Find out how our home buying process works.

Azalea Home Buyers is a local, reputable house buying company that offers cash for houses in Mobile County and surrounding areas. If you need to sell your house for cash, we’re local home buyers serious about buying your house. 

We buy houses in any (and we mean ANY) condition, whether it’s in complete disrepair or in great shape. You don’t even have to worry about clearing out any clutter or cleaning, we’ve got that covered! We will handle everything so you don’t have to!

Because we are paying in cash we can close quick and on your time-frame.

We Can Buy Your House, No Matter the Reason for Selling!

Whether that’s not being able to continue to afford your home due to a loss of work or relocation, your mortgage is in forbearance due to COVID-19, higher property taxes are pushing you out of your home or even just expensive repairs and maintenance that you can’t afford to invest in at this point in time – We get it and we want to help!

Expensive Repairs

Worried about what might come up on a home inspection? We buy houses in as-is condition so you don’t have to lift a finger or come out of pocket AT-ALL for repairs.


Kids left for college and just don’t need all that space and you want to move into a smaller, more economical house? Let us give you a free offer on your house to see if it will work for you.

Too much clutter

Is your house full of clutter? There may be a level of embarrassment that you don’t want to face with judgmental strangers coming into your house. We are a judgment-free company and are respectful and empathetic towards everyone’s situation. We will treat you with kindness and respect whether you chose us to buy your house or not!

Unpaid Taxes

Unpaid tax bills can be a extremely worrisome. Whether you owe back taxes to the city, county or state, we can help you make it right!

Tenants Not Paying Rent

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with problem tenants. Having to chase up tenants to pay their rent. Or maybe you get calls at all hours for repairs and don’t want to deal with it anymore. Let us help the stress off your plate and receive a cash offer for your house.

Inherited a property

Grandma thought that she was leaving you a legacy, but she ended up leaving a house that is full of items that you just aren’t sure what to do with. Maybe you don’t even live in the area, which makes it even more of a challenge. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Privacy Concerns

You don’t want a bunch of people in and out of your house, we get it! Listing it conventionally you will have realtors, inspectors, appraisers and potential buyers in and out of your house, we understand that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Facing Foreclosure

Are the banks sending you notices that you are going to be foreclosed on soon? Don’t let that happen and ruin your credit. We can help you navigate the situation and help you deal with the bank.

Going through a Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, the last thing you want to deal with is selling your house. We can buy you house fast and for cash so you can close that chapter of your life and move on.

Relocating for Work

You just got a great job offer but you have to move ASAP. Relocating and starting a new job is stressful enough even without the added stress of selling your house! We’ve got you covered!

“Whatever reason it is that you need to sell we will ALWAYS treat you with our core values of

honesty, respect and compassion”


How Do I Sell My House Fast In Mobile?

Selling your Mobile house for cash is honestly quite easy. This is because we eliminate the “middle man” (agents or banks). We do not depend on approvals or inspections from third parties in order to buy your house. Remember, NEVER “low-ball” offers.

Visit the How It Works Page

Learn how we formulate your offer. We show you an actual cash offer we made on a house we bought in cash!

Learn About Us

We know you are not going to pick just anyone to work with. So, get to know us a bit!

  Get Your All Cash Offer

We will not waste your time. Fill out any of our forms and receive your offer. We told you, Easy as 1, 2, 3.

A Better Way to Sell Your House

Sell your house, apartment, multi-family, or condo to us and you won’t even need to clean. We are not here to judge, we simply want to make your selling experience the best it can possibly be when you sell your house to Azalea Home Buyers!

No high pressure sales

We are not sales people, we will simply give you an offer and if you aren’t interested we will leave you alone. No annoying follow-ups, spam calls/texts/emails.

We Can Provide a Cash Offer Fast

Since we are paying cash we can close quick. In most cases within 14 days or less.

Free, No Obligation

There is absolutely no obligation to receive a cash offer on your house. No hidden fees, no obligation, what have you got to lose?

Leave anything behind

Too much clutter to handle? Leave it to us, we will handle it!

We do all the fixing and cleaning

We will handle any and all repairs, no need to hire expensive contractors and cleaners.

No Low Ball or Unreasonable Offers

We want to make sure you get as much money as we possibly can. We want it to be a win-win situation so we can both walk away happy. In fact, we encourage you to reach out to other home buyers in the area. We want you to get the most you can even if that’s not with us!

No repairs. No fees. No commissions. ANY condition.

Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

We Will Buy Your House As-Is!

When we say no cleaning and repairs, we mean it! We have seen it all, no need to worry about the condition of your property, we can handle it!

Your Local Home-Buying Duo

We’ll do our very best to bring you an offer that works for YOU

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Why Sell Your House to Us?

Transparency. No beating around the bush. Five star customer service. You can feel confident knowing that our offers are very competitive because our #1 goal is to find a solution that brings you peace of mind and gets the contract signed. Remember, if you don’t like our offer you can always say ‘no!’ You’ve got nothing to lose. Read more about how we buy houses in Mobile AL for cash. Still have questions? You can call or text and we will personally return your call. 🙂

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