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We are Jordan & Serena, a local house buying duo that loves to buy properties other people cannot keep, or don’t want or need anymore. Azalea Home Buyers buys houses in Mobile and surrounding communities for cash, as-is, in any condition. Our mission is for you to walk away with more cash & more peace of mind.

We are family owned and operated local to the Mobile area with a true passion and knowledge in real estate. We strive to help homeowners in any situation and take sincere pride in making every transaction as hassle-free and smooth as possible. We believe in being straight-forward and transparent about how our business operates. Having lived and invested in Mobile and surrounding areas since 2012 we have great pride in everything Alabama.

” Our mission is to provide a simple way for people to sell their homes while maintaining our core values of honesty, respect and compassion. We want a win-win situation for all. “


About Us

Serena (Co-Owner), grew up in Fort Lauderdale and attended college at Florida Atlantic where she got her Masters in Engineering. In 2012 Serena briefly moved to Houston for an Oil and Gas career. She was then transferred to Mobile where she too started investing in real estate. In 2014 Serena met Jordan at a company Christmas party and the rest is history. Serena has now retired from the Oil and Gas industry with her sole focus on real estate. She is a licensed realtor and a very self driven entrepreneur.

Jordan (Co-Owner), grew up in Calgary Canada and migrated to Texas in 2004. After attending Texas Tech University and Texas State University he decided to take a career path in Oil and Gas as many Texans do. After one assignment in Mobile, Alabama, Jordan decided to diversify and start investing in real estate local to the area. This lead to a permanent move from Houston to Mobile in 2014.

Remember, if the deal isn’t right for you, we don’t want you to take it!

We Buy Houses In Mobile AL For Cash. Any Condition, Size, Age, Or Reason.

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