Home Inspectors Are People, Too

Home Inspectors Are People, Too

If you’ve ever owned a home and wanted to sell it, or if you have ever been a first-time homebuyer, you’re probably familiar with some of the ins and outs of dealing with the property inspector prior to sale. The thing is, people often say that real estate is about people, and there’s a lot … Continued

What's Going Out The Window?

What’s Going Out The Window?

Let’s talk about the story of Sally and Joe who were running an apartment building here in Mobile, AL. Everything started out great with a fresh coat of paint, and all the necessary additions in order to rent out their investment property for profit. The very first renters were two fellows named Lance and Paul. … Continued

Selling Your Home Quickly With These Tips

Selling Your Home Quickly With These Tips

Selling a home can be pretty tricky for many homeowners, especially if it is their first time putting a house on the market. There is a lot that goes into selling a home that many people overlook, leading to their property sitting on the market for months without any genuine offers. As interest rates increase … Continued

Time and Convenience

Time and Convenience

Say you want to buy a new jacket. You get in your car, and hop down to the store, and you reach through the racks, looking for the perfect choice. You find the right color, style and design, and you take it to the counter and pull out your card, and voila! It’s yours. Or … Continued

How to Find the Perfect Fixer-Upper Property in Mobile

Those who take on a fixer-upper will potentially realize thousands in savings on purchasing a property. We’ve gathered some basic information on avoiding some of the pitfalls that may be lining the pathway to your beautiful new home. Read on as we explore how you can find the perfect fixer-upper property in Mobile. Financing and … Continued

5 Benefits of Buying Your New Home With Cash in Mobile

When the opportunity presents itself, and you find yourself in the position to pay all cash for your new home, you may wonder if buying the home outright is a beneficial course of action. You’ll naturally want to have the house fully insured to protect your investment. You’ll also need to be responsible for your … Continued

How to Know if a Mobile Rental Property is a Good Investment

Looking for a good investment? Experienced real estate investors know the tell-tell signs of a rental property that will provide the best possible return on their investment dollar for their short-term cash flow and long-term passive income.  So why not turn to the experts who follow a recipe for success? We’ve gathered the key ingredients … Continued

How to Buy Land to Build a House in Mobile

So, you have decided to buy some land to build a house, and it may sound simple; however, you will find many decisions are ahead of you now. There is a great deal about the process to learn; however, many happy homeowners before you have taken the journey from finding and purchasing their land to … Continued

Not Just Subjective Value! Your Real Estate – And You

Not Just Subjective Value! Your Real Estate – And You

As we’ve been operating buying houses in the local area and helping property owners to get out of their real estate investments, we’ve seen a tendency throughout the industry to just talk about the subjectivity of real estate value. You might have heard something like this before – you hear somebody say that “a house … Continued

Apples To Apples – No-MLS Sales

If you have a house that you want to sell, it’s worth thinking a little bit about what your various options are… Of course, you can take this property and put it on the conventional market, with a real estate agent through the MLS, and go that route. However, in Mobile, you also have the … Continued

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Home in 2022

In the past year, the number of homes sold in the United States has increased by nearly 45 percent. While selling a home is never easy, it is often the best way for a person to move on to the next chapter of their life. If you are on the fence about whether or not … Continued