Four Reasons To Sell Your House As-Is

Many people put a great deal of work into selling homes or other properties. They go through all of the conventional process, which can take weeks or months, while carefully fixing a house up and getting it in pristine condition with staging and more.

Four Reasons To Sell Your House As-Is

But many other buyers don’t have the luxury of doing this, and it may not actually make sense in terms of their selling strategy. It’s not always best to throw money into a property in order to sell it. Here are four reasons to go with a quicker as-is selling approach.

Sunk Money in Fixes

First, you’re paying that money up front to fix something that a buyer might want to fix themselves.

When people look at homes to purchase, they often want fixer-uppers. They are thinking of cost-effective ways to do what they want to do with the property. The seller benefits from not having to invest that money up front. So if you pour money into a lot of repairs, that’s money that you’re probably not going to recoup at the settlement table.

The Lending Scenario

It’s not uncommon for those on the conventional real estate market to wait several months to get the sale done, even if their property is in a rather hot market and they get offers right away.

If you don’t get offers right away, then you have to set the clock back some more, and you’re often looking at half a year or more.

During that time, you have to maintain the property, which can include mowing, landscaping and other costly activity. Also, any mortgage that you have is ticking away, with monthly payment requirements, and the property taxes are still due on a regular basis.

All of that, too, is money you’re not likely to get back.

Commissions and Fees

When you go with a traditional agent process, you’re taking 6% off of your sale proceeds right off the top.

My goodness, that can really take a bite out of the cash that you get from your equity in a property.

That’s a powerful reason why owners want to explore opportunities to sell a property through a quick agentless procedure.

The Value of Your Time

In addition to the time that it takes to sell, there’s also your time in working with contractors, working with agents, and doing everything you need to do to sell through a traditional process.

Talk to Azalea in Mobile about a sale-by-owner process that can have you out of your property in a jiffy, and help you to avoid all of the above expenditures in all of their various forms. Sell your house for cash and get on the road to the next chapter of your life with more money in your pocket!

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