Humidity Can Wreak Havoc On Your Mobile Home

Life in Mobile, Alabama, can be sticky and hot. While the locals embrace the balmy weather as part of the allure of the region, the humidity can take its toll on homes in the area. Humidity in the southern states can make life uncomfortable in both our outdoor and indoor environments.

When it comes to your Mobile property, humidity may be a factor in exterior and interior issues that lead to costly repairs. One way to combat the adverse effects of humidity on your home is to understand problems as they arise.

Humidity Can Wreak Havoc On Your Mobile Home

The Essense Of Humidity

Humidity is the measure of the water content of the air. Typically, when people speak of ‘relative humidity, they are describing moisture as a percentage of how much water vapor can be carried in the air at its current temperature. This means that the warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold and therefore the higher the humidity.

Humidity’s Effects On Temperature

While temperature affects humidity, humidity has its own effect on temperature. This is because humid air retains heat more than dry air, which is why in the winter, low humidity can actually make your indoor environment more comfortable. Your home’s indoor air quality actually needs a certain amount of moisture to remain healthy for you and your family as it keeps dust and allergens down.

Yet, in hotter climates like Mobile, humidity can be so high that it creates an indoor environment perfect for mildew and mold to thrive. Molds can quickly spread in homes where humidity is unchecked, wreaking havoc on structural elements and human health.

Moisture Damage

Moisture doesn’t just create the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth, but it also causes rot. Over time, homes in more humid climates can suffer water damage to the structure’s exterior and interior elements. Moisture from humidity collects on the window seals, door frames, and baseboards of interior rooms, where it begins to break down wooden pieces.

Humidity’s moisture can also be exacerbated in poorly ventilated attic spaces where temperatures in summer months can soar, and moisture damage goes unnoticed until a significant problem arises. This combination of heat and moisture affects the roofing, resulting in loosened shingles and rotting sub-roofing materials. Compromised structural elements corroded by water create avenues for rainwater to leak into the home, causing further damage.

Dealing With Moisture Problems When Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, moisture problems can slow the process or cause you to decrease the return on your investment. The high costs of cleaning mold and replacing water-damaged structural elements can significantly negatively impact selling your home. Fortunately, you have the option of selling your house for cash without having to make costly repairs.

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