Time and Convenience

Time and Convenience

Say you want to buy a new jacket.

You get in your car, and hop down to the store, and you reach through the racks, looking for the perfect choice.

You find the right color, style and design, and you take it to the counter and pull out your card, and voila! It’s yours.

Or if you’re willing to wait a few days, you simply click a few buttons on Amazon and get it delivered straight to you.

Now let’s say you want to sell a house or a piece of residential real estate

The Conventional Sale Process

Here’s where things get sticky.

Selling a real estate property is not like other kinds of ‘quick and easy’ transactions.

In fact, if you go the regular route, listing with an agent and moving toward a set of offers, followed by a sale agreement and settlement, the whole thing can take months.

That’s not just passive time, either. You’ll have to be communicating back and forth with your agent to a potential buyer’s agent, and vice versa. You’ll be spending random hours preparing your own counteroffers and other paperwork around the process. When you finally schedule a settlement, it will feel like the end of a marathon that you never really wanted to run in the first place.

Home Buying Companies

At Azalea, we help you to get around a lot of that difficult and labor-intensive process.

With our home buying company, you’ll spend less time talking to counterparties and get quicker settlement. Instead of months, it will take days.

If it’s not clear why that is, the basic idea is this – we already have the money in cash to buy your property. We’re willing to take a risk on certain aspects of maintenance, etc., to get that property onto our books and use it to our advantage.

Compare that to your average buyer who is purchasing a home for the first time. They have to go to a commercial bank to qualify and figure out how they will pay for the property. They are keenly centered on their own advantage, and paying less and maintenance over time. So they’re going to demand all of the inspections and due diligence processes that are part of their prerogative.

But all that takes time and effort!

We pride ourselves in giving a fair market price for property, and helping sellers to get the deal done and move on with their lives.

Maybe you have a bad rental situation, or an inherited property that you don’t have time to deal with at the moment. Maybe you fear that the conventional market process just isn’t for you. Give us a call and we’ll talk!

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