Water Problems – Selling A Property

Let’s talk about selling a property the conventional way, with agents and MLS listings and a long, detailed path to the settlement table.

With the conventional real estate sales process, those who have contributed to crafting this process have made sure that every box is checked – that every T is crossed and every i is dotted.

That means there’s quite a bit of work to be done. Let’s take any possible issues with water damage to a property, for example. 

Water Damage and Evidence

First you have visual evidence.

Let’s say you do a walk-through and you see a spot of water on a basement wall. That’s the evidence. Then those who observe it have to figure out how it happened and what it indicates.

Simple, right? Not always. There’s quite a bit of ambiguity in some of this evidence, and that can create a lot of work for everyone, from the home inspector to the agent, to the seller and the buyer themselves.

The Seller Disclosure

There is a specific form where these types of issues should be listed. But does the seller really have an incentive to fully list them, and will the buyer understand what they represent when they are presented this piece of paper?

For that matter, it’s not just a question of water damage. There are the three large environmental hazards that home inspectors have to look for – radon, asbestos and lead.

Those are by no means the only items that have to be on a seller disclosure form and that people will be looking for in evidence as they walk through a property.

Selling Properties As-Is – The Quick Way

Here’s how to get around a lot of that delay and hassle. When you sell a property as-is to a buyer like Azalea Home Buyers, you are working through a rather different process that doesn’t have a lot of steps. The buyer pays cash, and they don’t have to qualify. The buyer assumes a lot of risk in the form of property hazards, etc., and they don’t have to verify every single detail before reaching settlement.

Just by perusing the site, you can see that this is a major benefit to sellers. A quick as-is selling process means money in your pocket, and you get to go your own way unencumbered by real estate that you don’t want anymore. You’re not likely to get that same result working through a conventional process, so give us a call and let’s talk.

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