What’s Going Out The Window?

What's Going Out The Window?

Let’s talk about the story of Sally and Joe who were running an apartment building here in Mobile, AL.

Everything started out great with a fresh coat of paint, and all the necessary additions in order to rent out their investment property for profit.

The very first renters were two fellows named Lance and Paul.

They seemed fine, and they looked good on paper – decent income, no prominent credit problems.

What the first-time landlords found, though, was that these two guys couldn’t stand each other!

Flying Objects

Joe likes to joke that their whole life centered around ‘unidentified flying objects’.

“We get a call in the late hours of the night,” he said. “The police are coming to the property. Somebody’s throwing paper towels out of a third story window. Well, paper towels, bottles of Febreeze – different cleaning products and stuff. Whatever they could find, really…seems like they got kinda liquored up, and things just took a turn…”

It all went downhill from there, and the couple got used to arriving late on the scene to see household items hurtling down from above.

More than one evening involved making a police report by the light of the streetlamp and vowing that they would never undertake an adventure like this again. Fast forward to today, and they no longer own that building, but they refined their real estate approach and their approach to renting, and things seem to be on a more even keel.

New Alternatives

This is the type of situation, frankly speaking, where you have to unload a property quickly. You just don’t have time to mess around trying to put something on the market, particularly if you have unruly tenants inside. Things can go south fairly quickly, and many people in this type of scenario are going to benefit from a quick property sale. We can buy your house, no questions asked, no matter the reason for selling. That applies to inheritance properties and all kinds of other problematic situations, too.

Sally and Joe came to Azalea Home Buyers and emerged with a fair market price offer for the property, and they skipped the lengthy process of listing on the market, getting cash for their building and moving onto the next thing.

That’s a particular value for many property owners in the Mobile area. Check out the blog for more on how this works and what you can expect when dealing with a top local home buying company.

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