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We Offer Cash for your Mobile House and fast, here is how… We eliminate the need for a middle-man. No banks. No realtors. No appraiser. No title companies. Since we are paying for your house in cash we can keep things simple, easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Our best offer is delivered right to your inbox. We’ll gladly explain how we arrived at that amount and answer any questions about how the process works. You are under no obligation to accept.

And the most important thing, we will NEVER request a price reduction, as is common among house buyers. Remember – fast, easy and transparent!

Get Your Cash!

Closing will be scheduled on the date YOU chose. Along with our cash offer, we always cover all closing costs. You pay no fees…period! We’re able to do this and still give you a solid offer by eliminating all of the typical parties involved that eat up costs – real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, banks, etc.

Want to Know More….

What are cash buyers anyways?

A cash home buyer is any person, company or entity (usually a real estate investor), capable of buying your house in cash without the need for financial support from banks, lenders or other 3rd party financial institutions. As the purchaser is providing their own money, they are the final decision makers thus eliminating need for approvals or inspections from 3rd party institutions, drastically speeding up the transaction.

How do I chose which home buyer to use?

There are multiple companies that buy houses for cash here in Mobile. We encourage you to get offers from multiple companies because we want you to feel 100% confident that you made the right choice. And if you do decide to use another company, no hard feelings, we want you to get the most money that you can!

But, please, BE AWARE of anyone who wants you to sign a contract without physically inspecting your property. Often times they will do this to get the property “locked in” and then lower their offer price if any issues arise during property inspection. Sometimes these companies aren’t even local.

How Am I Protected While Selling My House Fast?

VET YOUR CASH BUYER! Make sure whoever you decide to work with is who they say they are. The internet is a great place to find almost anything. Google “Name of Company/Person” offering to buy your house and see how their online credibility looks.

DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! Check out their website, read Google reviews, find them on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. You may even take it a step further and ask for a reference of someone they have worked with before. Sellers who’ve had a good experience are typically delighted to share their experience with you.

The Offer Formula….

So How Exactly Do We Determine Our Offer Price?

In order to determine our offer for your house we use a simple formula.  We start by determining the value of your house after all repairs and updates have been made (i.e. the “after repair value” or ARV) and then subtract the  cost of those repairs.  We then subtract the costs we will have when we finally sell the house (i.e. “closing costs,” usually around 10%).  Next, we subtract the amount of profit we need to make (this is a business after all).  This leaves us with the amount of money we can offer for your house.  So, we have:

ARV – Repair costs – Closing costs – Profit = Offer price

What happens next if you accept our offer?

If you accept our offer…you will be required to sign and return a simple purchase contract. Once you return the signed purchase contract, we will open Title immediately. The closing attorney will then provide you with Closing and Title paperwork to complete.  Once all parties have received the necessary completed paperwork from you, we will wire the closing funds to the closing attorney.  It only takes us one day to wire the closing funds.  Once closing attorney receives the closing funds, they records the sale on the date of your choice.  After closing attorney records the sale, they will wire your closing proceeds to your bank account or you can pick up a check at Closing.  Cash in your hands, property off your hands.  It’s really that easy!

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